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Keep improving sales campaign results with automated recommendations based on previously closed leads.  


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Frustrated with checking over 1000 companies to find only 10 potential Clients? iWe too! Never again.

Preselected Database

Thanks to Machine Learning we are able to show you only the still active companies.

Various Data Sources  

Don't limit yourself to LinkedIn. We have 12 various data sources from around the world.

Recommendation System The longer you use the platform, the smarter results you will receive.

Specific Job Groups  

Write to people who surely can benefit from you (HR, IT, Marketing and Sales departments).  

High level positions  

No low-level positions in database (like internships).

Up to date Always up-to-date and double verified e-mail addresses.

Reach decision makers at companies of your choice, in scale.

Choose from carefully selected B2B data only.

Enrich the data you already have.

Leadonardo can find contact details to decision makers from any list of companies.

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Our clients are glad they chose Leadonardo

"The Leadonardo application has accelerated the development of our outbound team. A lot of our first large Clients come from the Ledonardo database!"

- Izabela Harbarczyk, Growth Catalyst,

"Thanks to Leadonardo, we reach a much larger number of Clients in less time."

- Maksymilian Liberski, Sales Development Representative,

"Leadonardo has helped us find contact details to Clients that we have not reached before. We strongly recommend this tool."

- Kornel Kosoń, Outbound Marketer, Unity Group

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